Front Runner Outfitters Debuts New Overlanding Gear: Roof Racks, Awnings & Storage Solutions

about the company’s new products and services.

Front Runner Outfitters, a leading provider of foam industry solutions, recently debuted their newest line of roof racks, awnings and gear storage systems. The innovative designs were created to provide customers with an all-in-one service that meets the needs of both professional and recreational overlanding enthusiasts.

The roof racks are designed to be lightweight yet incredibly durable, allowing for easy assembly and secure attachment to any vehicle model without sacrificing safety or performance. Additionally, they offer integrated cargo tie down points while being aerodynamically efficient to reduce drag on the vehicle while in motion.

The awnings have been engineered using high-grade materials such as waterproof canvas which is exceptionally resistant to tears and abrasions even under extreme conditions like heavy winds or rainstorms. They also include adjustable poles for height adjustment along with reflective edges for improved visibility at night time.

Finally, Front Runner has developed an entire range of modular gear storage solutions including toolboxes made from weatherproof aluminum alloy or sturdy plastic; these boxes feature reinforced corners and lids equipped with rust-resistant hinges for added protection against corrosion caused by moisture damage. Additionally, there are expandable rack accessories available including mountable shelves or specialized drawers perfect for holding camping supplies such as foodstuffs or equipment like ropes and tarps.
In addition to their newly released product lines, Front Runner also offers custom block storage rack systems as well as short block storage/transport systems; this allows them to provide one stop service whether you’re looking for basic items like tents & sleeping bags or more intricate needs such as automatic foam cutting lines & machinery parts fabrication services – all tailored specifically towards your project requirements!

Overall FrontRunner Outfitters is committed towards providing its customers with intuitively designed overlanding gear that can withstand even the most extreme conditions without sacrificing quality – making it an ideal choice no matter what type of adventure awaits you!

Post time: Mar-01-2023