Block Rack System CNCHK-11 Automatic Storage System for Foam Blocks

Short Description:

Rack for storing foam blocks after foaming, for high production volumes.

Available with semi-automatic or fully automatic control.

Customized storage systems.

● Foaming line conveyors

● Curing rack

● Lifting table

● Automatic control system

● Conveyors for moving blocks

Product Detail


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Block Rack System plays important roles for foam production. It’s used for curing and storage of foam blocks, and also transport to next production process such as cutting line. It also can be enlarged in the future by adding new rows of racks.

Turnkey customized block rack system.

Equipment taking part in the configuration as following

● Foaming Line Conveyors: The conveyor tables will be installed from the exit of the cut-off machine after foaming machine till the curing area.

● Block Rack for curing and storage.

● Lifting Table: To move blocks between racks and other production process.

● Control System: 2 MODE, Automatic & Semi-Automatic.

● Other Conveyors:

Other conveyors

1)The transfer table can move long blocks in the foaming axis direction and short blocks in 90degree. Transfer table will be used to move short blocks out of the production line.

2)Roller conveyor and Belt conveyor for moving blocks between racks and other production process.

Why Choose Us

Since 2003, we have almost 20 years of experience in manufacturing state-of-the-art CNC foam cutting equipment. Benefited from our well-equipped factory spanning an area of 27000 m², we are able to provide various foam processing machines in standard and customized specifications, including CNC foam cutting machine, mattress production line, block rack and other related conveyor system and equipment. Our products are independently developed and produced by ourselves, and have won a number of national invention patents and utility model patents. Until now, with proven quality and performance, our foam processing machines have been highly praised by the clients in more than 52 countries and regions.

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